The Rodute Mini

A new concept within Energy Therapy. The Mini was created as an addition to the general energy treatment.

How it works
The Rodute Mini is a plastic tube filled with alcohol. A unique combination of one to five energetic remedies is added, that are tested for you personally. A biotensor (energetic measuring antenna) is used to pick those remedies that can support you in a challenge, problem or complaint that you mention. You can then carry the tube with you so that you can experience the effect of energy.

What remedies are
The remedies used in The Rodute Mini are handmade natural drops, based on the energy of plants, supplemented with the positive energy of the maker. All complaints can be addressed with a combination of one to five of the six Rodute remedies. Every remedy and/or combination of remedies has its own strength and provides insight into the complaint.

When do you carry The Rodute Mini with you?
You can carry the Rodute Mini with you whenever you want. It can simply be in your pocket or even under your night pillow. Most people experience a pleasant and / or supported feeling in which the complaint is dealt with. If you forget or lose the Rodute Mini it simply means that it has completed it's work for you. If you want to carry it with you again you can always do so. In some cases the tube runs empty, then it is clear that you no longer need it.

The use of The Rodute Mini?The Mini helps you to stay in balance even outside the consultation. The Mini is also available as a separate product. Optionally, the composition can be made based on a photograph. It will then be sent home by mail.

Cost: € 22.50 (including sending within NL, international rates on request)