Michael van Roon is founder of and Naturopathic Energy (Animal-) Therapist at De Rodute. He is known as a down-to-earth person who gives shape to those things we can not perceive with our ordinary senses. Michael gained basic knowledge of regular veterinary medicine through the veterinary technician training at the Groenhorst College in Barneveld. . He followed his humane naturopathic HBO course at the Hogeschool Geesteswetenschappen Utrecht. In 2016, Michael put the finishing touches to his book on the Zoöenergetics: "The science of energetic connections between humans and animals". A practical guide for reading the connection with your animal. The original inspiration for this was found in his own animals, underlined by experiences with treatments for De Rodute. 

The book: "Your pet it's you!"


"The use of sensitivity for exploiting the connection between the physical and transcendent* reality to promote the health and care of animals and the associated people through energy work, energetic treatments and knowledge transfer.


"For years and years there has been room and attention for "the transcendent", in every religion, culture and society. Its existance is undeniable, and for life in general, health and development, this reality is a valuable addition to the scientific paradigm."

* Transcendent: The invisible, not sensory perceptible. In this context: Energy and extrasensory observations.